LTT Leuchten-Technik Tettnang GmbH & Co.KG

For more than 30 years we have developed and produced protection classified, technical luminaries and have extensive knowledge in this field. We manufacture with the last modern production facilities, most of the current marked thermosets and thermosets and thermoplastics.


Our wide range includes unshielded and covered moisture-proof and mounted lights for a wide variety of diverse applications.


As a competent partner for our customers, we produce under their name to meet and fulfill their individual requirements. We stand for quality and techncial security. All luminaries we manufacture meet the technical standards and quality requirements of a quality management (QM) system according to


  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

  • DIN EN 60 598 (VDE 0711)

  • VDE - ENEC 10

  • CE


In addition to the production of standart luminaries and current market variations, developing and manufacturing customer oriented special luminaries is part of our programme.


Through our many years of experience in the fields of construction and plastics production, we can offer our customers intelligent solutions both special tailor made requests and application problems.


Customer satisfaction is created by customer orientation. Our organization provides rapid and flexible processing of customer requirements, which are demand driven and target oriented.