The story of your family business


1926: Foundation

In the 1930’s there was an effort to invent artificial materials other than metal and wood: plastic. The industrialization of the production of plastics was rapidly increasing. The engineer Joseph Reiss (1894-1954) recognized the potential of the new material. Together with Hans Sachs they founded the company Reiss und Sachs, in Tettnang in 1926. Their successful company was soon supplying plastic parts to the rapidly developing Zeppelin and Dornier aviation companies.

From 1950: The start of luminaire production

After the Second World War the fluorescent tube came onto the market and, for this purpose, appropriate lighting was needed. This was the birth of luminaire development in Tettnang. Joseph Reiss began manufacturing plastic and developed plastic luminaires. The new business field quickly gained importance. In 1958 his son-in-law, Horst Layer-Reiss, joined the company and systematically was expanding the lighting business.

The luminaire covers were initially made of cellulose and then of plexiglass. Impact-resistant polycarbonate was added in the late 1970s.

From 1968: The development of a new location

The rapid development and great demand for high-quality luminaires and luminaire components (moisture prove luminaires)  was growing enormously. This was the reason why, from 1968, a second location was created in Tettnang to provide greater production capacity.

From 1982: The development of further markets

In 1982 the company Leuchten-Technik Tettnang GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Karl Michelberger and Horst Layer-Reiss.

Today: On the road to the future

Since 1st of July 2020 until today, Dr. Karl Walter Michelberger is the Manging Director of LTT.

The collaboration between Dr. Michelberger and his highly motivated team also guarantee a successful future in today's LED world.