Conformity symbols



Standard luminaires from LTT are VDE approved. This means the luminaries  bear the approval mark and are continuously tested in strictly stipulated quality controls. The controls are supervised by the VDE.


All standart luminaries from LTT bear the ENEC mark. This means our products comply the frame of European safety standart. The EC conformity certificate is accpeted from all participating States and documents continuous conformity to these standarts. The ENEC marking appears together with the identification number from an certified Europan Comission.


All luminaires from LTT are certificated for CE. The CE mark is issued by us as manufacturer. Through this  we declare that our products have been tested and approved to the valid standarts. Conformity in accordance with the Low voltage Directive and the EMV directive (interference immunity, emitted interference) are the prerequisites for the CE identification for our products.

F symbol

Luminaires with this symbol are suitable for direct mounting on or against normal inflammable surfaces. "Normal inflammable" means -  according to DIN 4102 -  the flammability of materials starts by 200°C. Please pay attention to the respective assembly instructions!


FF symbol (replaced by D)

For industrial premises, in which fires fueled by dust or fibres are a possibility, must install luminairies with the D symbol and a minimum protection of IP50 - in accordance to VDE 0100 part 720. Please pay attention to the respective assembly instructions!

Protection class II

Energised parts which are connected to other metal parts need to be provided with additional protective insulation. Connection to the protective conductor is not allowed.